TeamWorks has not only established itself as a premier screenprinting business in Central Illinois, it also has a very firm foothold in the embroidery market.
If you need anything stitched; whether it be a single work shirt, a large quantity corporate uniform run, Christmas stockings or a hunting jacket, we can satisfy almost any request. We have the ability to handle large volume orders with our 6-head, 15 needle embroidery machine and have over 30+ different thread colors to choose from. We also have a dedicated single-head, 15 needle machine to handle one-off requests.
In the event that TeamWorks does not have your personal or corporate logo archived, we work with a 3rd party vendor to have your logo converted from a digital format to a stitch-friendly digitized format. All digitized files are archived at TeamWorks in the event that you should need to make future stitch requests.
TeamWorks applies the same level of attention to detail and timeliness to our stitch work just as we do for our screenprinting projects. We stand behind our work and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.